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Dear Supporters of Permanent Invincibility for America,

We thought you would enjoy seeing these pictures of the newest group of Vedic Pandits from India. The Pandits arrived last Friday and went straight to their new campus in Maharishi Vedic City. This was the 10th group of Vedic Pandits to arrive since October.

There are now almost 500 Vedic Pandits here on two campuses and more groups will continue to arrive until there are 1050 Vedic Pandits to raise our numbers flying each day on the Invincible America Assembly to 2500. The Vedic Pandits from India are blessing America with invincibility.

Jai Guru Dev.

Raja Wynne

Assembly Hall Awaiting
Arrival of the Pandits
Inaugural Ceremony
for the New Campus
Pandits on the New Campus Crowning America with Invincibility