Global Country of World Peace

Dear Supporters of the Vedic Pandits Creating Invincibility for America,

I am very happy to mention that in the last month we have received $400,000 in donations of the $660,000 needed to pay for the up-front expenses of passports, visas, transportation and other costs associated with bringing in the next 450 Vedic Pandits from India. As a result, we were able to arrange with our Indian organization to bring in 200 more Vedic Pandits this week. Seventy-five arrived on Monday, seventy-five arrived on Wednesday, and another fifty arrived today. There are now 800 Vedic Pandits here in Maharishi Vedic City and on the Maharishi University of Management campus—only 250 away from our goal of 1050! This means that on some days there will now be 2000 in the evening and 1750 in the morning on the Invincible America Assembly, more than we have ever had, and enough to exceed the Super Radiance number of 1744 necessary to create an Invincible America. However, the remaining 250 Vedic Pandits are needed to guarantee the Super Radiance number, morning and evening, even during student holidays.

The next 250 Vedic Pandits are ready to come but we continue to need two things to make this happen:

  1. Additional donations of $260,000 to cover the up-front costs of their arrival, and
  2. Additional loans to cover the construction of housing; $2 million has already been committed, but another $2 million is still needed.

We were able to house the 200 Vedic Pandits who just arrived because the Vedic Pandits here volunteered to triple up, but this situation is not sustainable for long. And to bring in the next 250 Vedic Pandits, we will have to complete new housing. Fortunately, each new Vastu house can accommodate 20 Vedic Pandits comfortably and all the houses we need can be delivered and set up within just six weeks from today. Each house costs $120,000. Thirty-three houses will accommodate the 200 Vedic Pandits who just arrived, the 250 who will be arriving, and the 200 in temporary housing on the MUM campus—housing that MUM needs for new students coming in August.

If you or someone you know is interested in lending the funds for the construction of one or more of the houses, please contact or call 1 (312) 324-0291. The construction loans may be for either 5 years at 5% interest per year, or 10 years at 6% interest per year. As you know, Vedic Pandit operating expenses, including housing loan repayments, are covered each month primarily by a grant from the Howard and Alice Settle Foundation for an Invincible America. But the Foundation, under its guidelines, is not able to cover the cost of construction or other up-front costs. Therefore, additional support is essential to bring the Vedic Pandits here and build their housing.

We are crossing the finish line of permanent invincibility for America. Please help bring this last group of Vedic Pandits to America by donating now to either Global Country of World Peace or Maharishi Vedic City. These links will provide you and your friends with all the information necessary to contribute on-line, by mail, or by telephone. And if you would like to lend for the houses, in increments of $120,000, please contact us for details.

It will be a great joy for all of us to see what unfolds when America has permanent invincibility.

Jai Guru Dev.

Raja Wynne
Mayor of Maharishi Vedic City