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Dear Supporters of the Vedic Pandits Creating Invincibility for America,

It is a great joy to announce that the $4 million necessary to construct housing for 600 Vedic Pandits was received in just seven weeks. As a result, ten houses have already arrived and two 10,000 square foot meditation and dining buildings are well underway (please see photos below). By the second week of August all buildings should be completed and occupied. This will allow all the 800 Vedic Pandits currently here to be on one campus in Maharishi Vedic City, and will provide additional housing for most of the 250 Vedic Pandits still waiting to come.


Crane setting first house


Two rows of houses already set


As many as 8 houses a week are delivered


Two buildings for meditation and dining

Thank you to everyone who provided this construction funding!! And thank you to everyone who has provided over $500,000 in donations to cover the costs of bringing in the last 450 Vedic Pandits!! It has been an amazing accomplishment in only a few months.

All that remains is funding for three houses at $120,000 each and $220,000 in donations to cover the remaining mobilization costs for those Vedic Pandits still in India. If you are interested in lending funds for the construction of the remaining three houses please contact or call 1 (312) 324-0291. Or, if you wish to donate for this last group of Vedic Pandits coming to America, please go to this Global Country of World Peace link To make it easier, a donor has come forward with a $100,000 matching donation if the remaining $120,000 can be raised this month.

Thank you for all you support in helping crown America with Invincibility!

Jai Guru Dev.

Raja Wynne
Mayor of Maharishi Vedic City


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