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Dear Supporters of the Vedic Pandits Creating Invincibility for America,

It is a great joy to announce that as of last week there are 1055 Vedic Pandits in America, surpassing our goal of 1050!!

With this large increase in the number of Vedic Pandits, the total number flying at the same time on the Invincible America Assembly has risen to over 1900 Yogic Flyers in the morning and 2200 in the evening. This surpasses the square root of one percent of the U.S. population of 1750. Half of the participants on the Invincible America Assembly are now Vedic Pandits!!

Although we want to increase the numbers on the Invincible America Assembly to more than 2500 including additional Vedic Pandits, the immediate need now is to maintain the 1050 Vedic Pandits we have and to not have that number decrease. In order to do this we need your help in two ways.

  1. Of the pioneering group of 300 Vedic Pandits who came here in October and November 2006 to create Invincible America, 250 will now be returning to India at the end of their two-year commitment. (The other 50 have committed for another year.) Vedic Pandits are in India to come to replace those leaving. But, as with the last groups who came, the up-front costs of $1800 per new Vedic Pandit are needed to cover their passports, travel, and other mobilization costs before reaching America. As a result, $450,000 is needed now to bring in the 250 replacement Vedic Pandits.
  2. We need to build two more houses holding 20 Vedic Pandits each so that we can have replacement Vedic Pandits here before sending other Vedic Pandits back. Like the last houses that were built, the cost is $120,000 per house and we are looking for one or two people who would loan the funds to build these two homes. The loans could be for either 5 years paying 5% interest a year or a 10-year loan earning 6% per year. The houses would be delivered within four weeks.

Donations to support the next group of Vedic Pandits can be made through the Global Country of World Peace secure website or by sending contributions to Global Country of World Peace, 2000 Capital Boulevard, Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, 52556. Contributions can also be made through Maharishi Vedic City at its secure website or by sending contributions to City Hall, 1750 Maharishi Center Ave., Maharishi Vedic City, IA 52556. If you or someone you know is interested in loaning the funds to build one or both of the houses, please contact us at 1 (312) 324 0291 or email to

Thank you very much for all your continuing support for the great blessing of Maharishi’s Vedic Pandits in America. Your contributions now will assure we are able to maintain the full complement of Vedic Pandits here.

Below are some photographs of recently completed construction on the Vedic Pandit campus and also a photograph of a recent Vedic celebration attended by members of the community. This is another benefit of having the Vedic Pandits here—being able to listen to live Vedic recitations by large numbers of Vedic Pandits at one time.

Thank you for your support in creating permanent invincibility for America.

Jai Guru Dev.
Raja Wynne

New East Lake With
Campus in Background
Vedic Pandits in New
Flying Hall
Four New Mandaps for
Vedic Performances
Nine Days Celebration


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