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Dear Supporters of the Vedic Pandits Creating Invincibility for America,

It is a great joy to give you this update on the Vedic Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City who are contributing to the coherence and invincibility of America during this delicate transition period in the United States and the world.

Currently there are 900 Vedic Pandits on the Vedic Pandit campus in Maharishi Vedic City, accounting for half of the Yogic Flyers on the Invincible America Assembly. In addition to doing program at the same time as everyone else on the Assembly, the Vedic Pandits also perform Vedic recitations that have a profound effect on the coherence of the country. This is a unique combination of qualities that only the Vedic Pandits can provide. In the words of one Vedic Pandit who has been here for more than two years, “We can do Vedic chanting in India, then why are we in America? The United States is the leader of the world. If America is strong, then the whole world will be strong. Our first duty here is to make America Invincible. We are committed to bringing coherent and life-supporting life to America.”

Campus Pandits
210,000 square foot campus built over the past two years to house 1,050 Vedic Pandits.
Please click here to hear a Vedic recitation by 900 Maharishi Vedic Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City.

We need your help now to maintain the Vedic Pandits here in America. It costs an average of about $700 per month per Vedic Pandit for the two to three years each Vedic Pandit is here, or $8400 a year. These costs include the costs of their coming and going and support while they are here. Whatever amount you can contribute would be fantastic, whether supporting 100 Vedic Pandits, or one Vedic Pandit, or a portion of the costs of one Vedic Pandit, or by contributing to a particular aspect of their stay here, such as paying for their transportation costs, or the flowers they use in their Vedic performances.

Donations can be made through the Global Country of World Peace secure website or by sending contributions to Global Country of World Peace, 2000 Capital Boulevard, Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, 52556. Contributions can also be made through Maharishi Vedic City at its secure website or by sending contributions to City Hall, 1750 Maharishi Center Ave., Maharishi Vedic City, IA 52556.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in America. Your contributions now will assure we are able to maintain and expand the full complement of Vedic Pandits for America.

Jai Guru Dev

Raja Wynne
Mayor of Maharishi Vedic City


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